War on Sugar – Is it a Drug?

Is the war on sugar justified? A Freakonomics podcast featuring an interview with Margaret Hamburg takes a closer look. Whether you are on a diet or not, it is a fight every day to keep sugar intake to a minimum. There are sweets displayed and offered everywhere which can be irresistible to many people. Once you develop a “sweet tooth” it is actually difficult to keep away from things like cake, cookies, ice cream and pastries and it is true that once your body has too much sugar, it craves more; just like an addiction.

Dr. Hamburg of Parker Institute Takes Charge at AAAS

On January 3, 2017, the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy announced that one of its board members, Margaret Hamburg, M.D., has been named president-elect of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Her term as president commences in February, 2017. Dr. Hamburg will continue to serve on the board of the Parker Institute and as foreign secretary of the National Academy of Medicine (NAM).

4 beautiful Cayman Island Parks

Barker’s National Park is a secluded, undeveloped beach located on West Cayman. Undeveloped and accessible only by a dirt road, it offers visitors an opportunity to disconnect from the more popular Seven Mile Beach. Visitors describe Barker’s Beach as a clean white-sand beach surrounded by mangroves and other greenery. Visitors can enjoy horseback riding or bird-watching. At the entrance to the park is Ristorante Pappagallo, which is open for dinner and serves Italian and international cuisine.

Top 5 CEO’s of DC Head Hunting Companies

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