4 beautiful Cayman Island Parks

According to Frommers, the best time to visit the Cayman Islands is April. Although visitors to the islands from June to November 1 should be alert to hurricanes and expect wetter weather, travelers planning a trip to the Cayman Islands can expect warm sunny weather year-round, and there is not a bad time to visit.

The Cayman Islands offers some beautiful parks that vacationers should add to their itineraries, as well as the possibility of sighting a celebrity or two like Taylor Swift, Tom Cruise, or Arnold Schwartzenegger

Barker’s National Park is a secluded, undeveloped beach located on West Cayman. Undeveloped and accessible only by a dirt road, it offers visitors an opportunity to disconnect from the more popular Seven Mile Beach. Visitors describe Barker’s Beach as a clean white-sand beach surrounded by mangroves and other greenery. Visitors can enjoy horseback riding or bird-watching. At the entrance to the park is Ristorante Pappagallo, which is open for dinner and serves Italian and international cuisine.

Vacationers who want to take a break from the beaches can visit the Mastic Reserve on Grand Cayman Island and hike the 2.2-mile-long Mastic trail,which protects part of the largest contiguous area of untouched, old growth dry forest remaining on the island. In June, visitors to the reserve can see the Caymans’ national flower, the wild banana orchid. Visitors also have the opportunity to see the national tree, the Silver Thatch Palm, as well as the diversity of flora and fauna.

Queen Elizabeth II Royal Botanic Park blends nature and history. Visitors can see the Islands’ native plants and animals and have a chance to see the giant blue iguanas. An ancient grain section grows quinoa and amaranth. It is a good place to see the national bird the Cayman parrot.

The Bloody Bay Marine Park off of Little Cayman Island is a top-rated scuba diving park. The park’s top site is Bloody Bay Wall, which descends almost 5000 feet.

Article by Albert Sosa

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