Combat Dry Winter Skin with these 4 Products

With cold winter weather brings the nuances of dry, cracking skin. In order to combat these uncomfortable skin inflictions, here are four moisturizers that can be used every day, especially during the colder seasons!

1. Ūth by Mannatech

Ūth has key ingredients such as sunflower seed oil and also contains myrtle leaf oil, which is a botanical herb particularly known for helping to subtract the appearance of age by hydrating the skin. This Mannatech moisturizer also contains Vitamin E, which helps to prevent the first signs of appearance of aging. It is reported that in clinical research, over 90 percent of participants showed enhancements in skin hydration within just eight hours of an isolated application of Ūth.

2. CreVe Moisturizing Crème

CreVe Moisturizing Crème is often used to treat skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. It contains ingredients such as ceramides, which help to bring back up to 40 percent of the lipids in order to “cement” the cells of the outer skin layers. It also contains ingredients such as purified water, glycerin and phosphate, which are also necessary for making skin more radiant and healthier-looking.

3. Aveda Botanical Kinetics

Aveda Botanical Kinetics are available for oily and normal skin, exfoliates, intensely hydrating crèmes, etc. Aveda’s products contain vital plant energy that helps to keep the skin moisturized for long periods of time. They are dermatologist-tested in order for you to receive only the highest quality brand. Several of their products contain an ingredient called salicornia herbacea, which is a sea plant that helps the skin to absorb the moisture at the maximum. Cupuacu butter also helps to lock the moisture in for the maximum amount of time. Their hydrating lotion gets its emollients from ingredients such as coconut and jojoba to replenish moisture and blend for a robust texture on your skin.

4. Intense Skin Repair Lotion by Lubriderm

Lubriderm’s Intense Skin Repair Lotion is designed to relieve chronic rough and dry, itchy skin. It works for a full 24 hours. It is recommended skin care for people with diabetes. It also helps to repair cracks in the skin, especially when applied at the first appearance. Over 90 percent of the customers who have provided reviews recommend it. It is particularly known for strengthening the moisture barrier on the outer layer of the skin.

Article by Albert Sosa

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