Got Styrofoam? Recycle It

We all have heard of Styrofoam, a trademark of the Dow Chemical Company. It’s handy stuff to have around. It’s easy to produce, light weight, and is an excellent insulator, so is it any wonder that the stuff is everywhere? But it does have one little problem. What do you do with it once you’re finished with the stuff? For most people, the answer is the same as with most other things that have fulfilled their purpose: throw them in the trash. Because of the waste this produces, there are some people who want to do away with Styrofoam entirely. But this is not the best way to deal with the problem.

The best way to deal with Styrofoam waste is to keep as much of it out of the landfill as possible, and that can be done in much the same way as you would with any other plastic container. There are lots of ways to recycle Styrofoam, and more pop up all the time.

The easiest way to recycle the light weight material is to simply not throw it out. Clean it up and use it for arts and crafts with your kids. Make it into a fishing lure. You can even use it the lower your heating bill by turning it into insulation (with proper professional aid anyway). There are dozens of potential uses for your leftover foam.

But if you don’t want it around your house or yard, there are recycling facilities that specialize it recycling Styrofoam. While not all recycling facilities are able to handle the material, more and more are equipping themselves for that exact purpose. Chances are there’s a facility somewhere in your area that can properly recycle your old Styrofoam cups and packaging peanuts.

And it does not stop there. There are new ways of dealing with Styrofoam as well. Since, like all plastic, the material is derived from petroleum, it makes an excellent waste-to-energy supply. Not only that, but new techniques are being implemented to compress the low density material to make it easier to transport, and therefore more economically viable to transport it to a recycling center. That means that more areas will be able to properly look after your used Styrofoam so that it can find new life somewhere else.

Rather than looking for ways to ban Styrofoam, find ways to recycle it instead. There are more out there than you might think.

Article by Albert Sosa

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