Laceration Training Wound Cube Presented at SHOT Show 2018

Over the years, ways of teaching medical students and emergency responders how to control their patient’s bleeding has tremendously evolved. The most recent training device to be developed is the Wound Cube, which has been created by Phokus Research Group and was released to the public by ADS Inc. during the 2018 Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade Show, also known as the SHOT Show.

This cube is four inches, weighs two and a half pounds and is made up of a non-toxic, semi-transparent silicone material. It consists of a large laceration and multiple wound channels, one of which can also be used to hold a flashlight. This allows for the student’s instructor to light up the inside of the cube so that the students can get a better understanding about how they are stopping the bleeding. In addition to that, the instructor is better able to evaluate their students’ technique since the light provides more transparency to the cube.

The Wound Cube is primarily a dry training device but is designed so that a blood substitute can be used. ADS Inc. reports that the cube will most likely be used by training centers and at the unit level and that it will be used by groups in that setting. Also, due to the Wound Cube’s low cost, it can be used by personal trainees who cannot afford a training aid that is considered a full prosthetic.

This cube will help more students with their training and be able to see where they are doing well or what they are doing wrong when attempting to stop bleeding in a large laceration. The Wound Cube will allow for more students to get the necessary training they need without having to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a full prosthetic. Thanks to its low weight and small size, the Wound Cube can be easily moved to different training areas as needed.



Article by Albert Sosa

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