Nutritional Supplements to Improve Athletes’ Cognitive Ability

An athlete like a highly trained football player is engaged in combining cognitive abilities with exemplary physical prowess. No matter the position on the field, it takes an extreme amount of personal mental and body balance to execute plays that result in a cohesive and ultimately game-winning performance.

Football players push their minds and bodies to unbelievable limits on a daily basis. Proper nutrition allows their bodies to perform at optimal levels. Nutritional supplements provide boosts that bring every mental, hormonal, and cellular function into balance. The addition of key nutritional supplements can help an elite athlete perform to an expected level of prowess and overall conditioning.

Certain supplements are designed to help the body’s muscles and organs digest and upload nutrients in an efficient way. Other supplements, like those created by Mannatech’s Ambrotose are designed to improve the way an athlete’s brain and cognitive functions perform in certain highly stressful situations. For an elite athlete engaged in sport performance, it’s absolutely necessary that brain function meets, or exceeds body performance.

Mannatech is a company with roots in the United States. It primary focus has been to provide glyconutritional supplements to athletes who recognize the intimate relationship between mental function and overall well-being with performance in the athletic arena. Mannatech products cover all aspects of body care including skin, eyes, bones, muscular integrity, and mental function. A focus on glycogenic relationships has allowed Mannatech to become a world leader in supplements specifically geared toward elite athletes.

Though athletes like football players often exude an image of pure physical ability, their mental engagement within their field of play is essential to success. Football is a highly complex game requiring multiple levels of memory, strategy, and interpersonal communication. Football players who pay as much attention to their overall well-being and mental focus as their physical training, often gain an edge over their competitors.

Products like Mannatech’s Ambrotose are exceptionally effective in giving football players the added nutritional support needed to maintain focus and clarity needed to excel in an environment where both physical prowess and mental acumen is necessary.

Article by Albert Sosa

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