The Pros of Faith-Based Healthcare

Faith-based healthcare providers are dedicated to providing the best care possible with the best staff available. The pro of choosing faith-based healthcare is that the care provided will not only be centered around spirituality, but it will also be based upon individualism and attending to specific needs. The goal is to use spirituality to have a healthy environment were individuals can relax and focus on getting better.

One of the best faith-based healthcare facilities is Ascension. Ascension uses Catholic morals and teachings to ensure that each patient is receiving the treatment that they need. Not only is there workplace spirituality at Ascension, but it is also a place where leadership is formed.

This health ministry includes many benefits to each individual that chooses to have a more spiritual based curing experience. Ascension has the mission of helping a large population with their medical needs. Ascension also works with their employers to develop innovate ways to provide personal care for those that seek the aid of faith-based healthcare.

Some of the Goals of Ascension include…

  • Improving the health status in communities
  • lowering the cost of healthcare
  • Bettering the patient’s experience
  • Improve the quality of the physician

Ascension is one of the largest nonprofit organizations that provide help through the field of medicine. In 2014 Ascension treated the most amount of patients in the history of the organization being around. This care that was provided by Ascension was geared towards those who were living in poverty.

Ascension is the world’s largest healthcare provider that has a Catholic based mission. The goal is to provide quality-based attention that is immediate. The company currently has almost 2,000 sites of care. These sites of care include: 131 hospitals, and 30 senior living facilities. All of these facilities are located in 24 of the 50 states in the United States. In addition to this, all of the facilities combined have around 40,000 employees that each have a mission to take care of each patient with the use of faith.

In recent news, Crittenton Hospital Medical Center has recently joined with Ascension to provide their patients with faith-based care. The two enterprises officially joined together on October 1st. Ascension has the goal of continuing the spread of faith-based healthcare. Not only does it help others but it also develops a sense of community among the patients who become a part of the Ascension family.

Article by Albert Sosa

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