United Arab Emirates to Colonize Mars in the Next Century

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is soon to become one of the world leaders in space exploration. If everything goes to plan for its scientists and a growing number of politicians throw their weight behind a planned colonization of Mars, the Mars 2117 will see the creation of a city on Mars that will form the most impressive feat yet.

A Thriving City On Mars
This UAE space mission is one of the leading areas of development for a nation that only became a major player in space exploration in 2014 with the investment of over $5 billion in a newly established space agency. The initial plan for the ambitious mission to the red planet was first announced by the Prime Minister of the Emirates, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktourn, who stated his hopes for the planned ‘City of Wisdom’ to be created on Mars within a century.

In fact, the UAE mission will be much more than simply an attempt to take a few chosen astronauts to the planet and will instead see around 600,000 colonists establish a city that will be a sign of the ingenuity of the people of UAE and the planet as a whole.

UAE will find partners for its Mars colony
The issue for the United Arab Emirates will not be a lack of funds as the nation is the richest per capita in the world, with around $5.4 billion already invested the aim of the government of the Middle Eastern nation is to develop a space agency that will be headed by the young and innovative scientists being educated in the country.

Leaders within the United Arab Emirates have stated they are looking for partner nations who will join with them to expand upon the work already being completed in the nation to develop the equipment necessary to take the UAE Mars mission to fruition in the 22nd century; a number of nations have already set out their own goals for reaching and colonizing the red planet in the coming decades, including the U.S., Russia, China, and the European Space Agency.

It is so far unclear whether the UAE will seek to partner with one of the nations already looking to reach Mars or find different countries to assist in the move towards establishing a thriving colony on Mars.

Article by Albert Sosa

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