War on Sugar – Is it a Drug?

Is the war on sugar justified? A Freakonomics podcast featuring an interview with Margaret Hamburg takes a closer look. Whether you are on a diet or not, it is a fight every day to keep sugar intake to a minimum. There are sweets displayed and offered everywhere which can be irresistible to many people. Once you develop a “sweet tooth” it is actually difficult to keep away from things like cake, cookies, ice cream and pastries and it is true that once your body has too much sugar, it craves more; just like an addiction.
Even if you think you have it under control, sugar is still hidden in many unexpected foods like bread or pasta sauce. These might be smaller amounts that you would get from the usual sugary treats, but when you combine both together there can actually be a point your body reaches when you really need to cut down. That is when you try diet soda rather than regular soda which can be more harmful.
There are plenty of people that laugh about a “war on sugar.” They don’t understand why it would be so harmful when it doesn’t seem to make you feel any different like drugs would do. The lasting effects of too much sugar happen slowly, but the most noticeable of these is obesity. Diabetes has increased exponentially which can be hereditary, it is also a direct result of too much sugar consumption. Even though this is a contributing factor to a laundry list of diseases and health problems, people will argue that other things play a part too.

It is true that if too much fructose floods your liver, you end up with a “metabolic disease” which means you have can have massive weight gain, type-2 diabetes, heart disease and liver disease. Only you can have most of these anyway for another reason. Certain medication, for instance, will promote weight gain like alcohol can also cause heart or liver disease.

It is hard to say if there really is a war on sugar; everyone has different points to argue on both sides and they are all relevant. What it really boils down to is what you yourself wants. Obviously, by cutting some sugar out of your diet you will become healthier and less likely to develop any of these diseases, but do you have enough willpower to just say no? After all, sugar is like a drug.

Article by Albert Sosa

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